I was going through some old vinyls with my dad to sell online when we came across a 12″ single plain white centered vinyl . Side A and B appear to be the same track. The vinyl is marked with some sort of standard vinyl code: “usa-1-cr-a” on one side and “usa-1-cr-b” on the other. The track is instrumental jazz/funk, so no lyrics to go by. The sleeve we found it in says it’s called “Jogging In America” by “The Americas”. He doesn’t recall ever buying it and we’re not sure if the sleeve corresponds with the vinyl. We’ve done some digging with all this info but to no avail. I recorded it myself so I’m still none the wiser. I put it on soundcloud, so at least if i get sued, i’ll finally figure out what the track is! The track plays at 45rpm.

Here’s what it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/pUhw9RL.jpg
Here’s what it sounds like (via my record player): https://soundcloud.com/malcolm-nurse/unknown-plain-white-vinyl-12

Thanks for any help. Sorry if it’s obvious.