It’s really bassy with prominent chimes/bells and is rather fast-paced/uptempo. And the bass is a really taut, bouncy bass. It doesn’t have any actual lyrics, the only words at all are “If the chimes end, just try” which is from a true classic western, so that’s not much of a help in the search process. I don’t even know the actual genre of music. It was labeled as “techno” but that was back before I knew that there were sub-genres of music.

The song is some version of techno/edm from 2003 at the latest. Actually, I think it’s from 2001 (perhaps even earlier), but the oldest file version I have says July 17, 2003. But I think that’s because I had to pull it off a mix cd after one of my hard drive losses. The only title I’ve ever known it as is “04 – The Chime Song”.

I’ve been trying to identify this song for nearly half my life now. It was procured back in the adolescence of file sharing, either Gnutella or Kazaa, I think. Since then it has haunted my music collection.

It’s not Orbital’s “Chime,” by the way. It’s much bassier, sharper, and taut.