I don’t have any lyrics for this song, but the tune popped into my head the other day. I can only describe the music video, and I think it’s a popular song so it shouldn’t be a huge problem hopefully!

The music video starts off on the beach with a guy surfing, but quickly moves to a club. A woman is dancing with several people. Meanwhile, there is a guy in a tank of water who is watching her do this, and he is clearly distressed over what is happening. At one point he has a look of surprise and shock, and many bubbles come out of his mouth. (Stay with me here folks). The music video then cuts back to the beach with the same guy surfing.

It has a woman’s vocal, and I can’t remember the lyrics she sings. I wish I could try and mimic her voice, it’s very distinctive. It’s a very a melodious song. I hope someone can help me!! Thanks!