Okay, I am going CRAZY over this song. I just thought of it today for the first time in ages and I am desperate to find it. However, the only place I have had it was on my soundcloud, but I don’t recognize any of the titles. I don’t know much about it, so I’m hoping you guys might. Here’s what I know:
-the song opens with a clip of Mario saying “it’s-a me, Mario!”
-it’s sung by a female, I think
-it is about summer, as much as I remember
-I think there’s a line about watermelon?
-it closes with another clip of Mario saying either “bye”? or “see you next time!”
-it was recommend for me, and I usually listen to indie
-I found it right after I found the song “Peaches” by In The Valley Below, so they are probably similar?
I don’t remember any lyrics, the band, or song name. I am hoping someone else out here has heard this song!! Even if it doesn’t match well with the description, if it has those Mario parts, please send it over, that might be it. Thank you so much!!!