please help me identify this funky soul song. All my searches have come up blank but do not have a phone to try apps.

Everybody’s Got their own way
of letting their hair down.
That’s what the soul is baby
in the bottom.
We got soul to start with
and a real boss groove
you can’t sit down
Gotta get up up and a move
Got my sock it to me working
It sure is fine and mellow
Got the rice cooking
Lay it on me fellas
Tear it up
get it from the bottom
soul baby
all the way from the bottom
get it get it
whip it baby
from the bottom
Tear it up
get it get it from the bottom
gotta bring it way down
cause soul runs deep
we gonna dig up the roots
do the shingaling in the street
some like to shake when they dancing
make em feel so fine
some like to move it real slow
just keep it in time
I got a boss groove working
and a real hot band
we got a boogaloo baby
just for you again
here we go
get it from the bottom
soul baby