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Hello and welcome to Unknown Track.

You don’t have to search the internet to post your unknown tune. Here you will be able to identify any kind of unknown music fast and easy. How about this: You have a recorded sample from some nice party, you were watching tv and there was nice tune or maybe you just remember the words of your unknown song. Don’t worry, just post your question in the specific forum and we will try to help id your unknown song. So promote us on other sites, tell your friends and remember more people at forum, the better chances that your song will be identified. Remember to help people ID Music if someone ID your Tune do the same for him.

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Try your luck and use program called Tunatic. www.wildbits.com

You can always try singing or humming using your microphone. www.midomi.com

Or Baaaammmm… It’s “shazam” www.shazam.com